5th Grade Camp

Due to current COVID restrictions 5th grade camp will not be an extended overnight offsite event for the 2021-2022 school year. Instead the 5th graders will be doing a day trip. See the description below.

On May 10th the one-day trip will consist of: A tide pool field trip includes a 30-45 minute slideshow presentation about the tidepools. This helps students become more familiar with creatures they will find in the tidepools and how to handle/touch them. Then we head down to the tidepools which are about a quarter of a mile from the lighthouse to spend about an hour down there exploring and seeing how many creatures we can find. School sites are scheduled early in the day to try get the lowest tide which happens around 11am since we’ll arrive between 9:30/10am and depart around 1/1:30pm. This leaves time for students to also enjoy lunch right outside the lighthouse. 

We also go to the redwoods at Memorial Park after tide-pooling, making the day field trip go till 3:30/4pm. Students would get to learn about redwood ecology, see some of the tallest trees in the world, visit the creek and hike around amongst these beautiful giants.